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The strength of the Global Bag Project is made possible because of the involvement of people like yourself, and the courage of our bag-producers. Take a moment to click through the buttons to find out what you can do to positively impact the life of a family in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Stella Lindley

I take care of the designing section and that I feel is the most important thing to do. We bring out the creativity that is hidden and we let the team explore the best. 

Donald Martin

Handmade bags are not simple. Apart from innovation, it is also important that we match the desires of the people and that is the reason why we have dedicated people in our team. 

Gaby Williams

Our employees not just work with hands but also with out hearts and that is the reason why the bags come out so well. If you haven’t tried us out, you must definitely try out once. 


Karen Burton Mains, the stateside initiator of the Global Bag Project, has had a lifetime interest in refugees and marginalized people. About the church she helped plant with her husband David in the heart of Chicago, she says, “most of the lessons I learned about cross-cultural issues I learned during those ten years in an inner-city pastorate.” Those lessons have carried forward to inform the rest of her life. We transport out products across the globe in collaboration with Hunts International (experts in removals to France)


 Karen was invited to visit many refugee camps of the world. The book that highlighted those travels, The Fragile Curtain, won the National Christopher Award given for works that affirm the highest values of the human spirit. As a broadcaster, she was invited to tour the conflicted Middle East, visiting war-torn Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and the PLO camps on the West bank. She is now the co-director of Mainstay Ministries with David. Mainstay Ministries has an immigration-counseling center in its office suite. “The plight of displaced people is never far from my mind.” Karen says.

How Eco-Friendly Bags Benefit the Environment:

Using eco-friendly bags have several benefits on the environment, and it is high time that all of us must make it a point to stop using plastic bags and start using eco-friendly bags. With the constant threats of global warming and other natural calamities which are related to that it is high time that we all use eco-friendly containers and other products to save the world. Our simple decisions such as taking a reusable bag to the grocery store can make a huge difference. The following are some of the benefits of using an eco-friendly bag:

Reduction of waste:

One of the greatest problems faced by many countries is to find a place to dump all the waste that gets generated. Landfills are being exploited as garbage gets produced on a large scale. Think of the number of times we have thrown away a plastic bag without considering the number of problems it would cause. By using eco-friendly products, we can reuse, recycle and reduce the amount of waste that gets generated.

When plastic bags get accumulated in the oceans, it affects marine life by releasing toxic substances into the water. Industries which produce plastic also release tons of toxic substances into the water, land and air causing pollution.

Keeps the oceans clean:

A significant amount of plastic waste gets accumulated in the sea, and this affects the marine life. Many fishes die, and many other plant species are unable to grow due to excessive plastic being dumped in the oceans. Many industries release toxic substances into the ocean while manufacturing plastic and all these can be avoided if we stop using plastic bags.


Eco-friendly bags can be reused, and this reduces the amount of waste that gets generated. Recycling plastic does not create much value as it takes so much money to recycle plastic, but it ends up being sold for a meagre price in the market. So many manufacturers tend not to recycle plastic as it is a waste of money for them. Eco-friendly bags on the other side can be reused and recycled, and we can prevent harming the environment in many ways when we use eco-friendly bags.

Prevent air pollution:

Plastics when thrown away, go into the air and causes lots of disturbances to the atmosphere. Factories which manufacture plastics release many toxic gases into the atmosphere and this causes global warming.

Plastic bags apply so much strain on the environment, and it is high time that each of us must make it a point not to use plastic bags for anything. Sometimes, it might feel that it is the easiest thing to do but think about the amount of pollution it will cause when it is throw away. Always use an eco-friendly bag and do your part in making the world a better place to live.

Why do we need to be Eco-Friendly Bags?

By now all of us must have heard about global warming, pollution and the need for saving the earth. Some of us understand the seriousness of this issue and try our best to save the world while others hardly do anything. Some people think that there is nothing they can do that can save the world. But everyone has a role to play in saving the environment and by using eco-friendly bags instead of plastic bags can be a start.

The following are some of the reasons you need to use eco-friendly bags:


Most of the eco-friendly bags are made out of paper and cloth, and you can reuse them for various purposes. Cloth bags can be used as shopping bags, and you can also use them as lunch bags, gift bags, use it as a purse etc.

Does not pollute the environment:

As the name suggests, the eco-friendly bags are environment-friendly which means that they do not cause harm to the environment. Paper bags are easily degradable, and they do not cause harm to the ground when they are thrown away. Plastics take many years to degrade, and in that process, it affects the land and causes pollution. Plastics, when thrown in the ground, create land pollution and when thrown in the ocean it causes water pollution and the same does not happen with eco-friendly bags.

Recycled plastics outweigh its value:

Many recycle companies do not recycle plastic as they think that it does not have any value and thus prefer to throw it off rather than recycling it. Recycling plastic is quite expensive but they are sold at a cheap rate, so many companies do not recycle plastic. We all know the damages plastics can do to the environment when it is thrown away. To avoid this, we can do out small part by using eco-friendly bags.

Plastic bags are made out of non-renewable resources:

Plastic bags are made out of petroleum products and natural gas, and both these resources are not renewable, and thus we need to avoid using them. Plastic manufacturers are encouraged to make more plastic to increase the gas price.


These days many shops charge for the plastic bags they give and thus it is always good to carry a reusable bag with you so that you can avoid paying extra at every shop. Most of the reusable eco friendly bags last for many years


Most of the countries hardly have any space to dump all their wastes. The countries which have financial support incinerate their waste but others have to dump the scraps into landfills. By using plastic bags, you can do your part in reducing the waste that gets generated in the landfills.

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